We love to share our members’ enthusiasm!

2-09-17  “Thanks to you and Becky and all who put together the newsletter. It is a labor of love, and I especially appreciate Becky’s voice on the larger issues related to government policy and our food and small farms. We need more information to understand how challenging it is to do what you all do! The veggies continue to be gorgeous and delicious. Thank you all!”. Marilyn Welker, Pick-up Site: Clintonville Outfitters

2-06-17 “BTW – I really love the variety of the winter produce share.  So great for getting me out of the supermarket rut. The carrots this past time were absolutely the best and I am a new fan of the tatsoi. You guys do great work.” Julie Fulton, Pick-up Site: The Butcher & Grocer – Upper Arlington

1-25-17 “I love the Athens Hills CSA because it provides my family with the opportunity to enjoy fresh, organically grown, local and seasonal vegetables year-round! I especially appreciate the Winter option, as we don’t have much available in our own garden in the winter, and other CSAs that I have been a member of in the past did not offer a winter season. I am especially impressed with the quality of the produce we receive. It is always exceedingly fresh, clean, and delicious! We enjoy the wide variety of vegetables that are available, and opening our CSA bag is always a fun treat! I also appreciate the number of available pickup locations, which makes it more convenient to collect our share than some other CSAs that I have been a part of.  Thanks for continuing to provide such delicious and high-quality local food!” Rose Sarko, Pick-up Site; Village Mews – New Albany

1-24-17 “During the nine years I have been a customer of Green Edge I’ve seen a remarkable increase in the range of items grown and offered as they found ways of extending the seasons. I believe it is good value but I don’t know for sure: I cannot find produce of this quality for comparison even in the local branch of national chain that claims to be America’s Healthiest Grocery Store. It’s led to a complete change in the way I cook. As time went by I gradually abandoned recipes. Now I try to create a main dish that uses as much as possible – it’s usually good for a large number of servings over several days. I guess it’s a pre-industrial style of cooking: What came back from the market on any day depended on quantities and fresh produce available in that area on that day. I had tried other CSA’s before Green Edge but I’ve never looked at any others since I joined.” Stephen Rigden, Pick-up Site; The Butcher & Grocer – Upper Arlington

1-23-17  “We love being a part of the Green Edge CSA. It is so convenient to pick up our veggies on a regular schedule. It’s made our diet more diverse (we don’t usually go out of our way to pick up kohlrabi) and since we started our membership we’ve added a lot more greens to our diet. The weekly recipes are great and help us with our meal planning. The quality of the produce cannot be matched – we’ve noticed that a bag of salad greens will stay fresh in our fridge for up to two weeks.  The best thing about being part of the CSA is knowing that we are using our purchasing power to improve our community and our planet by supporting local organic farmers.” Corrie Callaghan and Peter Schmidt, Pick-up Site: Hyacinth Bean – Athens

1-21-17 “We have been members of the CSA for two years.  The vegetables are fresh and delicious and come with recipes.  This is really helpful when I receive vegetables that I am not as familiar with, but is also fun to receive as it expands my ability to cook new things.” Maryalice Turner, Pick-up Site: Hyacinth Bean – Athens

1-21-17 “You won’t know just how fresh and flavorful vegetables and salad greens can taste until you get them straight from the local, organic source.  We’ve never eaten so well.” Dinty W. Moore and Renita Romasco, Pick-up Site: Athens Community Center – Athens

1-20-17 “This is our 4th year with the AHCSA.  We truly value the CSA because we are able to help support our local farmers and in return,  we get fresh tasty produce. Each week I pick up my share at the Athens Community Center.   The produce bags are well organized and always there on time.  Sometimes I may get something that I am not used to using, but I look at this as a challenge to myself to try new things.  A couple of weeks ago, part of my share was a small pumpkin.  After doing a little research I decided to make fresh pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sauce and sage.   It was tasty and a great way to use the pumpkin.  All in all,  we have been very pleased with wonderful service.  Keep up the good work,” Terry and Alan Swank, Pick-up Site: Athens Community Center – Athens

1-20-17 “This is my second year as a summer CSA member and my first as a winter CSA member, I love getting the Green Edge Garden’s CSA every week! I really look forward to the CSA pickup every week. Not only is the produce the freshest and most tasty that I’ve found in the Athens area, but the diversity of the CSA keeps me eating healthy and a wide variety of veggies. I also love supporting my local farmers and the crew at Green Edge Gardens is the best, hard working and always friendly and excited about the work they’re doing! ” Leda McDaniel, Pick-up Site: Athens Community Center – Athens

1-20-17 “This is my third CSA experience, and the best. In the last couple years, I’ve been delighted with the quality and variety of produce I receive and equally thrilled with the communication from the team on the farm. I love knowing what’s coming my way several days in advance (it helps me avoid duplication at the farmer’s market or grocery.) Some of my favorite things about the Athens Hills CSA: MUSHROOMS!!, sunflower sprouts and the availability of delicious items from the farm’s partners in the community. The bread, in particular, is exceptional. I pick up my share at Clintonville Outfitters and getting to say hello to John (the owner) every other week just makes the CSA better.” Misti Crane, Pick-up Site: Clintonville Outfitters – Clintonville

1-20-17 “We have been members of the Green Edge winter CSA for a number of years. Although I grow most of our vegetables during other parts of the year it is nice for me to take a break and let them handle it. I know the farm and many of the farmers and know they are growing the vegetables in the best way possible…you can taste the results! We look forward to our CSA pickup, my daughter usually wants to try something right away, and we plan lots of delicious meals around what we get in our basket.” James Cochran, Pick-up Site: Green Edge Gardens  Pickup – Amesville











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