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tractorGreen Edge Organic Gardens is a family owned organic farm in rural Amesville, Ohio. All of us at Green Edge are dedicated to producing the highest quality certified organic produce. This agrarian enterprise creates many full-time year round jobs as well as several seasonal and part-time positions. The 120 acres of rolling hills and fertile bottomland is tended primarily by hand. Water for irrigation comes from a series of spring-fed ponds on the property. Greenhouses and grow rooms ensure a year-round selection of seasonal vegetables, micro greens, and specialty mushrooms.

Harger_munroe_falls_farmer10This 100% certified organic produce is available to both wholesale and retail customers.

Ten greenhouses ensure a year-round selection of microgreens of many kinds and an abundant supply of other seasonal vegetables and speciality mushrooms.

Vegetables and mushrooms are available in the summer and winter for both wholesale and retail customers.

Meet the Green Edge ‘Family’…

Kip and Becky 2011
Kip & Becky Rondy

The proud owners, Kip and Becky, have been up to their elbows in agricultural “adventures” for over 25 years.






Penny Bingman

Penny has been working here at Green Edge Gardens in the microgreen microhouse since 2005. She and her husband have lived in the region for over 30 years. They raised their three kids here. The whole family has a long standing friendship with Kip and Becky. All of their kids have worked here over the years and even helped to build much of the infrastructure. Penny has harvested microgreens and these days does mostly the planting. Becky says, “Penny can do anything!”



Justin Reynolds



Justin Reynolds

Justin started working at Green Edge in 2013.  He grows mushrooms, washes sprouts, manages the compost, delivers veggies and does various other farm tasks.  He lives on a farm near Amesville with his wife and three children.




Teny Bannick 

Teny is a newcomer as of July 2016 to the Green Edge family, although she’s no stranger to farm life. She boarded on a small organic New England farm for seven years before coming to Athens County to work as an architectural designer. She’s joining our ranks as coordinator/manager for Athens Hills CSA after holding many managerial jobs in energy, architecture and housing in Athens County since April, 2006.




Lisa McKinnie

Lisa McKinnie joined the Green Edge crew in January of 2016 after working for several years in the retail garden industry around Cleveland. She earned her BA in English from Kent State and plans to pursue a second degree in wilderness conservation. Lisa came to Green Edge to study organic farming and how localized food movements are shaping the future of agriculture. Click the link at her name to learn more.






Jenna-Hardesty-232x300 Jenna Hardesty

Jenna was born and raised in Columbus, OH but most recently lived in Burlington, VT where she earned a Certification in Sustainable Farming from the University of Vermont. She’s excited to be a part of the Green Edge Team & contribute to the thriving food and farming communities in Athens. She likes driving tractors, watching the changing weather, being dirty all of the time, bird watching and food security for herself, friends, family & community.



Andi Chatfield


Nina Fuller




Helena Littler

Helena is an Athens, Ohio native. She attended Hocking College and plans to pursue a degree in Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology, with a minor in Writing and Critical Reasoning. Helena enjoys Bee Keeping, swimming, mountain biking, and being in the wilderness. She believes in the importance of local food systems and sustainable agriculture methods. Helena is looking forward to strengthening our regions sense of locality and community, and supporting an ecological system that works for all life and the environment.




Ellie Andrews

Ellie Andrews is from Athens, Ohio. She’s happy to be joining Green Edge this Spring and is looking forward to learning more about organic veggie production. She has worked in landscaping and gardening jobs for three summers around Athens. After earning her bachelors degree in Plant Biology from Ohio University, she began her masters degree at The Ohio State University in Plant Health Management through the Plant Pathology department this Spring. She’s a big fan of working outside and helping things grow.


Many thanks to our current and past apprentices!

Brenna Dobos

Brenna is joining us for the summer 2017.

Before Green Edge, Brenna dabbled in the art and culinary world of her hometown Cleveland, Ohio. She believes sustainability is an aspect of life that needs more attention in the bigger picture, with the dream of one day building an earthship home. Traveling, hiking, yoga, cooking, studying language and genealogy make her happy!




We have apprenticeship opportunities available…Want more information?  Click Here!




2016 Apprentices:

Joe Grabinski, Jade Mermini and Scott Matus






Scott Matus

Scott is the first native New Yorker to work at Green Edge. Currently an Apprentice at the farm, Scott received his B.A. in Political Science from Kenyon College. Before Green Edge, Scott worked for Food & Water Watch, where he fought to label genetically engineered food and take back our food system. He loves sushi, Ultimate Frisbee, and singing Third Eye Blind on long road trips. In the Fall, Scott will be going on to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Policy from Bard College. He will miss Green Edge and the friends he’s made dearly.

Jade Mermini

Jade is an intern at Green Edge Gardens, working for the duration of spring through fall. She lives in New Jersey and recently graduated from Bard College in Massachusetts with a BA in Cultural Geography and Political Ecology. Before coming to Green Edge, Jade completed two rounds of Fengshui Forest Research in South East China and lived on a permaculture homestead in Hawaii for a brief period of time.  Her private affairs include yoga, working out, hiking, writing poetry and rock climbing.

Joe Grabinski

Joe spent two years living in Athens County studying Eco-Tourism and Adventure Travel at Hocking College.  He aspires to learn more about permaculture, herbalism, and community food initiatives.  He enjoys meditating, yoga, petting cats and growing beards.


Summer 2014 Apprentices:

Keely Hultz, Grace Kroeger, Kyle Strohl, and Meggie Hines




2013 Apprentices
Summer 2013 Apprentices:

Matt Curtis (not pictured), Josh Garrett,
Michelle Kozlowski, and Brittany Palmer

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