Who We Are

tractorGreen Edge Organic Gardens is a family owned organic farm in rural Amesville, Ohio. All of us at Green Edge are dedicated to producing the highest quality certified organic produce. This agrarian enterprise creates many full-time year round jobs as well as several seasonal and part-time positions. The 120 acres of rolling hills and fertile bottomland is tended primarily by hand. Water for irrigation comes from a series of spring-fed ponds on the property. Greenhouses and grow rooms ensure a year-round selection of seasonal vegetables, micro greens, and specialty mushrooms.







Meet the farmers…

Kip and Becky 2011
Kip & Becky Rondy

The proud owners, Kip and Becky, have been up to their elbows in agricultural “adventures” for over 25 years.






Penny Bingman

Penny has been working here at Green Edge Gardens in the microgreen microhouse since 2005. She and her husband have lived in the region for over 30 years. They raised their three kids here. The whole family has a long standing friendship with Kip and Becky. All of their kids have worked here over the years and even helped to build much of the infrastructure. Penny has harvested microgreens and these days does mostly the planting. Becky says, “Penny can do anything!”



Justin Reynolds



Justin Reynolds

Justin started working at Green Edge in 2013.  He lives on a farm near Amesville with his wife and three children.







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