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If you are interested in being notified when the Summer 2017 CSA Season opens for enrollment complete this INTEREST FORM . Current members and Summer 2016 members need not complete the form.

What is a CSA?

In the Community Supported Agriculture or CSA traditional model, people pay for a season’s “share” of produce (a membership), ahead of the delivery season. The CSA member then receives a bag of vegetables weekly or bi-weekly throughout the harvesting season. This is great for farmers because they get the revenue when they most need it to cover up-front expenses for the growing season. It is a unique collaboration between farmer, land and community members. Shareholders have the joy of knowing where, when and how their food is being grown and supporting a local, small business.

The Athens Hills CSA offers two seasonal Community Supported Agriculture programs.  The Summer CSA is a twenty-week season, beginning in early June and running through mid-October. The Winter CSA, which is an eighteen-week season, begins in early December and continues through mid-April (with a two-week break at the holidays).  Each season offers a bounty of vegetables delivered to your designated pick-up location in Athens, Columbus, or Marietta. If you are not a current member and you would like to be notified when enrollment for the next season is open please send us an e-mail with your name, address (to determine your pick-up area), telephone number and e-mail address.

Mail to;

The Farm ShareCSAshare280

When you become a CSA member you will receive a weekly share of 7-9 vegetables. The vegetables available from week to week change as the growing season progresses. This will give you a chance to experience the whole range of produce we harvest throughout the winter and summer seasons.

We offer certified organic vegetables freshly picked, rinsed and packed for easy pick-up. Each share member is offered a wide assortment of produce from our bountiful harvest.

All of the vegetables, herbs and mushrooms that we grow are certified organic.

How do I enroll?

(Winter 2017 is underway – Contact us to get a pro-rated enrollment, 740-448-4021 or e-mail )

We offer open enrollment and have a limited number of shares available each season. Our winter deliveries began on November 30th this year. We have just added more shares for this season and we are pro-rating them for the remaining deliveries. The three links below are complete enrollment brochures and instructions, however the prices will depend on when you come on board. We deliver to 8 different pick-up sites in three areas; Athens, Marietta and Columbus. We encourage you to contact us with any questions to secure your share of wonderful food for the season. Click the link below for the area closest to you….

Touring Mushrooms
CSA Members getting a tour.


Marietta Brochure; w17-enrollment-brochure-marietta (contact us for a pro-rated share for the remainder of the season)

Athens Brochurew17-enrollment-brochure-athens (contact us for a pro-rated share for the remainder of the season)

Columbus Brochure w17-enrollment-brochure-columbus (contact us for a pro-rated share for the remainder of the season)

Review the brochure, and contact us for a pro-rated share for the remainder of the season. Call 740-448-4021 or e-mail


The Share Options

The only difference between the Full and Half Shares in our CSA program is that the Full Shares come EVERY week, while the Half Shares come EVERY OTHER week; each share contains the same amount of food. That means 20 pick-ups (fruit is limited to the weeks it is available; for instance only 16 weeks last summer) for Full Share Members and 10 pick-ups (fruit was 8 weeks) for Half Share Members.

Fall CSA share282

In addition to our vegetable shares, we offer the chance to add on “Partner Items”: Artisan Dinner Bread, Fruit, Goat/Cow Cheeses, Snowville Creamery Milk and Yogurt, Cantrell Honey, and Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup and Ridge Runner Coffee

Any of these can be added individually, or you can choose a Combination Share, which includes our veggies plus fruit, bread, cheese, eggs and milk at a discounted price. These items come from other local producers in the Athens area.

You can learn more about our partners here: Our Partners

You can also find out what they offer each season, as well as the veggies you may expect to see during the Summer and Winter CSA Seasons by following these links:

Summer CSA Offerings

Winter CSA Offerings

We post these items, as well as updated photos of the farm, on our Facebook Page. You can “Like” us now to see what’s “growing on” at the farm by following this link: Green Edge on Facebook.  Many members have commented that the newsletters and Facebook page are important tools in not only maximizing the benefits of their share, but also in developing a relationship with the farm that is producing their food.

We celebrate and further strengthen that relationship through our annual Open Farm Day, where everyone is invited to the farm to meet the farm crew and take a tour of the farm to see how and why we grow your food the way we do. It is an opportunity for our members to ask any questions they have about our CSA program and Green Edge Gardens. One of this year’s highlights was a canning overview and refresher.
January veggies300

Share Pick-up

We drop off our CSA shares at our various pickup locations in Athens and Columbus on Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Marietta. Each site has its own set of hours for pick-up, but in general they go from early afternoon through dinnertime.

Columbus members pick up their shares on Wednesday at one of these locations: Bexley, Clintonville, Upper Arlington and New Albany.

Athens members pick up their shares on Wednesday at the farm or in town at the Athens Community Center, and Hyacinth Bean.

Marietta members pick up their shares on Thursdays in Marietta at The Cook’s Shop.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Call us at 740-448-4021 or e-mail us at



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