The Green Edge Apprenticeship Program is an excellent way to gain valuable farm experience and learn about the day to day life of working on a farm.


Green Edge Gardens is a family owned organic farm in rural Amesville, Ohio. All of us at Green Edge are dedicated to producing the highest quality certified organic produce. This agrarian enterprise creates many full-time year round jobs as well as several seasonal and part-time positions.

The fertile bottomland is tended primarily by hand. Water for irrigation comes from a series of spring-fed ponds on the property. Greenhouses and grow rooms ensure a year-round selection of seasonal vegetables, microgreens, and specialty mushrooms.

Green Edge is committed to farming sustainably, caring for the land and using our resources responsibly. Green Edge is also committed to sustaining the business and year-round employment opportunities in farming. We hire 3 or 4 full time apprentices for the summer season.

Location: 16232 Henry Rd, Amesville, Ohio, 45711.

Our 120-acre farm is located 20 minutes from Athens, Ohio in the village of Amesville. Home to Ohio University and Hocking College, Athens County is located in the Appalachian foothills of Southeast Ohio. Boasting a vibrant local food economy and a nationally acclaimed Farmer’s Market, Athens is an excellent place to learn the value of food and farming. Athens offers something for everyone. Nearby state parks offer plenty for those that like the outdoors: hiking, cycling, kayaking, camping, and swimming. The lively arts and music scene entertains locals and visitors alike all year round.
morning harvest

Description: The crops we grow year-round include greens, salad mix, microgreens, and mushrooms, as well as seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, potatoes, carrots, herbs and more. We sell to a variety of customers through the Athens Farmer’s Market and our CSA program, as well as restaurants and grocery stores in southeastern Ohio and Columbus.

Apprenticeship Dates: April 1 – November 15

Length of stay: We would like apprentices/interns to stay a minimum of eight weeks. Preference will be given to those who are available for 4-6 months. Because the farm grows year-round, there continues to be much to learn throughout the fall.

Work hours and description: Our apprentices work side by side with our field crew to accomplish all the daily tasks involved with vegetable production. Apprentices will learn all aspects of farm production, from bed preparation and planting to harvesting, irrigation, and pest and weed management. You will also learn about composting, processing and packing farm produce, selling at market, and the use of some farm equipment.

2013 ApprenticesA typical work week is around 45 hours, consisting of 8-9 hours workdays, 5 days a week. Days off will vary, and weekend hours are expected. Apprentices will take turns working on Saturdays at the Athens Farmers Market. Our CSA delivery and pick up day is Wednesday. On Wednesdays, interns will rotate delivering to our Columbus CSA members and restaurants.

The schedule changes throughout the season, and for most of the summer, crew hours are 7am-3pm, and 8am-4pm in the early spring and fall, but it varies depending on the temperature. Hours may vary from day-to-day and week-to-week, so flexibility is a must.

Apprentices are also responsible for assisting with the evening duties, including closing up the greenhouses.

The work can be physically demanding, so only those who enjoy hard work need apply. However, many hands can make light work and on most difficult tasks we will all be working together. No experience is necessary, only a willingness to work hard and learn.

Education: The first, and most important, form of education will be immersion. Be prepared to ask questions and learn as you work. There are also structured biweekly sessions on current crop management practices. Green Edge is a unique farm for our area, focusing on season extension and year-round farming. We schedule two tours each month for apprentices to visit other farms in the area and learn more about the wide variety of farming styles in Southeastern Ohio.


Accommodations: Primitive cabins are offered with a breathtaking view of the farm. A community kitchen, port-a-let, and shower facility are also available. Food will be provided and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.  We cannot accommodate pets or tobacco use for on-farm apprentices.

Stipend: A stipend of $150 to $200 per week (depending on experience) is offered in addition to room and board. Intern stipends are taxable just like earned wages. Ohio’s state law mandates that interns, whether full or part-time, be covered by workers compensation insurance just like regular farm employees.

Transportation: No transportation will be provided, so a car or bike is strongly recommended. Be prepared for hilly unpaved rural roads.


How to Apply: If you feel that Green Edge Organic Gardens would be a good fit for you, we encourage you to apply. Please email your resume and professional references to and direct inquiries to Dan or Becky. After your information is reviewed, we will contact you by phone and possibly set up a visit. Apprenticeship candidates will be required to visit the farm for a work day/interview, to meet the staff and experience the farm.


Please include the following information when you apply:

Why do you want to work on a farm? How does farming fit into your future plans?

Do you have any gardening or farming experience?

What do you hope to learn?

Do you have transportation?

When would you be available? Any flexibility?

How did you hear about this opportunity?

Do you have any commitments (wedding, family vacation, etc.) that will take you off the farm and out of work during the internship?

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