About Our CSA Partners (not being offered Winter 2018 CSA)



Our Fruit Share Partner:  Cherry Orchards 

For four generations, Neil Cherry of Cherry Orchards and his family from Crooksville have taken great care in growing only the finest fruits. They are known for the wide varieties of apples, grapes & pears they grow, as well as their peaches and plums.The fruit is not organic, due largely to the climate in Ohio. Neil does minimal spraying,mostly early in the season before the fruit has really developed on the trees. Neil’s fruits are guaranteed fresh and he only uses sprays when he has to. It is truly local fruit at its best. See the expected winter and summer Fruit Harvest Schedule.

Neil Cherry


Our Bread Share Partner:  Village Bakery & Cafe

The folks at Village Bakery & Café are famous for their baked goods. They make a point of using real food from real family farms, like ours, for their ingredients.  The bread type will change each week throughout the season and may include such varieties as Honey Oat or Bavarian Rye. All breads are baked in their wood-fired oven.


Our Cheese Share Partner:  Integration Acres

Integration Acres Ltd. is a small family farm located near Albany, Ohio. The farm offers a variety of farmstead goat cheeses, and artisan cow’s milk cheeses made with Snowville milk. All cheeses are hormone-free. The majority of the cheeses included are made with goat’s milk.  Established as a farmstead cheese producer in June 2007, the farm began milking 12 Nubian goats and making a fresh chèvre. Fresh feta was introduced a year later, with La Mancha and French Alpine goats added to the herd. Today, close to 30 goats are milked twice daily from March-November during the pasturing season.  They have also added a smoked chèvre and aged gouda to the repertoire. Integration Acres also makes artisan cheeses (fresh mozzarella and gouda) with cow’s milk from Snowville Creamery. Integration Acres is a member of the American Cheese Society and Ohio Proud. See the list of cheese offerings.

We also offer some of their other products with our seasonal special orders. They include; Ramp Tofu Pasta, Pawpaw and Persimmon salad dressings and Pawpaw Spiceberry Jam.

Integration Acres logo

Our Egg Share Partner:  High Bottom Farms

High Bottom Farm is providing free-range eggs for our CSA. These chickens are outdoors on pasture with a 3-acre field for every flock. Their feed ration (other than the pasture) is GMO-free, with no hormones or antibiotics. A full share is 1 dozen eggs each week.



Our Milk Share Partner:  Snowville Creamery

Snowville Creamery milk comes from local farms, and the freshness and flavor of the milk speaks for itself. Warren & Victoria at Snowville believe milk is perfect when it comes from the cow, so their processing of it is as minimal as possible. They pasteurize at the lowest allowed temperature, resulting in milk that tastes sweet, clean, and delicious. They also do not homogenize the milk so the cream naturally rises to the top. For a full milk share you will receive one half-gallon of the milk type of your choosing (Whole, 2%, Non-Fat or Chocolate) every week. We also offer their whole or low fat plain yogurt this season.

Our Sweet Share Partners:  Cantrell Honey AND Sticky Pete’s Maple Syrup

For over 40 years, Cantrell Honey has been producing delicious local honey from their hives, located in the hills of Athens county.  Members who sign up for the Sweet Share will receive 12 oz of honey once a month.cantrell honey

Sticky Pete’s Pure Maple Syrup is a 1,700 tap maple sugaring operation in southeastern Ohio. Laura McManus and John Berry along with their faithful dog, Pete, started this business in 1966. Their maple syrup is handcrafted. To this day, Sticky Pete’s is committed to making your day naturally sweeter!  A monthly delivery of 8 oz. of handcrafted syrup is included in the Sweet Share.

We also offer their specialty items for our seasonal special orders including; granulated maple sugar, maple crusted pecans and almonds and fancy maple leaf bottle syrup.
Sticky Petes

Our Coffee Share Partner:  Ridge Runner Coffee

Ridge Runner Coffee is a local (Athens-based) coffee roaster established in 2012, and specializing in Fair Trade, Direct Trade and Organic coffees.  You can sign up for a particular roast and each month you will receive a different 1lb. bag of coffee from that roast category (with the exception of Decaf, which is the same each month). We also offer these coffees in our special seasonal orders at least once a season.Ridge Runner Logo2

Our Seasonal Order Partners:

Shagbark Seed and Mill is a certified organic stone flour mill and bean and grain processor in Athens. Their black beans are certified organic; the heirloom popcorn, and adzuki beans are also grown without chemicals.  We offer these items in bulk quantities one to three times per CSA season as special order opportunities.


The Herbal Sage Tea Companys owner and formulator Maureen Burns-Hooker has developed therapeutic blends since 1995.  Maureen’s knowledge of herbs and teas helps her to create organic blends that are healthy and great tasting!  The Herbal Sage Tea Company uses locally harvested and organic herbs, teas and spices when available.Picture2

Space Cadet Soaps are a big hit around Athens and beyond!  Space’s soaps are homemade (of course), with simple (pronounceable) ingredients, very moisturizing, with a great lather.  They leave skin feeling soft and deeply cleaned with a variety of natural scents.  Some of them smell earthy, while others smell fruity and/or sweet.


Space Cadet Soaps

Nature’s Magic cleaning products are non-toxic, plant-based, and sustainably made in Athens, OH. We only use high quality ingredients you can pronounce. Danielle has been using these products commercially and residentially in her cleaning business for several years, and her clients and customers love them! Many area businesses use Nature’s Magic in their own storefronts and now you can keep your space squeaky clean, non-toxic, and wonderfully aromatic too!

Nature's Magic


Since 1986, Crumbs Bakery has been a staple of the Athens, Ohio community.  Offering a wide range of breads, pastries, pastas and other baked goods. They take pride in traditional baking craftsmanship and strive to make only the most high quality and wholesome products.  They value all-natural and organic food production, responsible sourcing, and community building.  Crumbs provides taste with a conscience…great to the last Crumb!Picture4

Dutch Ridge Sundries offers practical, fine quality products made on their farm in Guysville, Ohio.  There they raise sheep, chickens, and bees.  The wool fiber comes from their registered American Border Leicesters, longwool sheep bred & raised on their land.


Lapp It Up Kombucha is a small kombucha brewery in southeastern Ohio. We put some of our love for you and our passion for ferments into every batch”, Juanita Lapp. Lapp It Up focuses on creating delicious beverages for health and enjoyment while supporting other local businesses by sourcing ingredients locally when is season. Their shelf stable products offered in our seasonal orders include a basic kombucha starting kit, potpourris made from spent tea leaves and handmade salves.

Wildfire Herbs All preparations are handcrafted in Rutland Ohio using high quality ingredients. Most of the herbs have been gathered in the wild or grown by Caty Crabb, an herbalist with 19 years medicine making experience and 9 years of clinical practice. All non-wild herbs were grown organically with attention to quality.


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